Top 12 Products to Sell Online in 2018

If you are a fan of online shopping, you will know that there are many various products being sold online. However there are certain ones that are gaining popularity as they are getting a lot of consumers. So if you are planning to into online business, here are the top 12 most trending products to sell online in 2017!

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by any product mentioned in this article.

1. Power banks


[amazon_link asins=’B0194WDVHI’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’3e57e7e5-1b97-11e8-b327-8f82653cd84c’]

With all that’s happening in the world, you are always constantly using your phone making it run out of batter faster. Surviving this world with a dead phone is almost impossible. You will be bored, doing nothing and it can disrupt your work and other important events. With this, power banks are very popular on online stores. Almost everybody has or is purchasing a power bank nowadays. Most power banks are also small and lightweight, making it perfect for every time you travel. One brand that produces amazing power banks is Anker. It has various types of power banks, one being their Anker PowerCore+ mini. It can charge one 0% phone to 100% and it is lipstick-sized making it very ideal to travel with.

2. Baby mobiles


[amazon_link asins=’B072LF733G’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4fbc441c-1b97-11e8-a85c-a5fa3d3f6109′]

Purchasing baby products has never been more easy and convenient than purchasing from online stores. Who would want to have to leave their house to purchase products for their baby while carrying around said baby? It is a hassle and very tiring. Baby products, such as baby mobiles are easy to find on online stores. Tiny Love is a company that produces baby mobiles and other baby products. Their products are very durable and are adorably eye-catching especially for babies. They come in various designs and colors, so it won’t be hard to find one that your baby would love. Baby mobiles are an easy distraction for your babies so they won’t bother you and your sleeping hours.

3. Enamel pins

[amazon_link asins=’B0799J7J2T’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7816ecaf-1b97-11e8-b3a0-4ba0a52e32d9′]

The trend of enamel pins is growing each day and you can see it on almost everybody’s denim jackets and backpacks. They are very cute accessories that can turn your plain jacket into something fun and adorable. They come in many designs and you are bound to find one that suits your taste. Qlychee pins can be found online and they have many cute designs. From cactuses to paper airplanes, they are everybody’s enamel pin dreams. They come in sets of 3 to 5 and the prices vary on the design you have chosen. They are also perfect for giving as gifts to others. Other brands of enamel pins can also be found online.

4. Fitness trackers

[amazon_link asins=’B0779SKCXW’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’82a0fbdf-1b97-11e8-8b6f-d3d4b8512bc4′]

Staying fit has never been any easier than with fitness trackers. Fitness trackers are watch-like gadgets that has various features such as measuring your heartbeat, your blood pressure and keeping track of your sleep and food intake. The best part of fitness trackers is that you can wear it every day just like a normal watch, so you can watch out for your health while doing other stuff. The Cellay Smart Bluetooth Activity tracker is only one of the many popular fitness tracker brands on online stores. It is compatible for both Android and iOS and comes in a sleek design so it won’t ruin your outfit. Stay healthy and purchase a fitness tracker from online stores now.

5. Coconut Oil

[amazon_link asins=’B00DS842HS’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’918193e0-1b97-11e8-b36d-2563f98349bf’]

The trend for natural and organic products keep on going, so it is no surprise that coconut oil is a must-buy on online stores. It has many uses such as cooking, shaving, skin care and even for make-up purposes. It also has many healing properties, so it not a surprise that it’s very popular. Purly Grown is a brand that produces organic cold pressed coconut oil that comes in either extra virgin or refined. It comes in individual purchase or you can purchase a 2 pack. It is sold in 16oz for a cheap price. Don’t be behind trend and go and purchase some coconut oil.

6. Neckties and other men’s fashion accessories

[amazon_link asins=’B01AVYJN2A’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9e2c38f2-1b97-11e8-8b8f-81393f846fc9′]

Neckties are a very popular fashion accessory for men. Not only does it give your outfit a chic and professional look, you can also wear it daily and it will look amazing. It is no wonder that this, and other men’s fashion accessories are popular in online stores – men just love to accessorize! Michael Bastian neckties are very popular on online store. They have all types of ties from plain to patterned ones. They are made of 100% silk and they have so many designs, it can work with any outfit. They are also safe for machine wash making them easier to clean. Men, time to spice up any outfit with neckties and other fashion accessories from online stores.

7. Drones

[amazon_link asins=’B0157IHJMQ’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a738a893-1b97-11e8-ab29-838560620cad’]

Drones are flying devices used to capture high-angle shots. Used in photography and videography, drones have become popular in the last few years. With this, it has also become one of the most bought products from online stores. EHang GHOSTDRONE 2.0 is one of the popular drone brands. It comes with a 4k sports camera and is compatible with both iOS and Android. It comes in the colors black and orange and has a very sleek design. It is quality and made from very durable materials. It is also very stable and easy to control. This drone is quite affordable and it is perfect for beginners to the drone.

8. Matcha Powder

[amazon_link asins=’B010QN2AKS’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b2b64034-1b97-11e8-8bb2-bbe43ef7c926′]

Matcha tea not only delicious, it also has many benefits for your health, such as it is high in antioxidants that fight against UV radiation making you look years younger than you already are. It also boosts memory and concentration which is very useful to your work and daily life. So, it is no surprise that a lot of people would love to purchase matcha powder online to turn into tea. One of the best match powders that is available online is the Jade Leaf Organics green tea powder. Just from its’ name, you will know that is very natural and has almost zero chemicals and artificial ingredients. It is also 100% authentic Japanese and has amazing quality perfect for your match powder needs.

9. 3D Printers

[amazon_link asins=’B016R9E7J2′ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bba9a986-1b97-11e8-856e-e3957bf36e17′]

Since the invention of 3D printers, it has made our world feel like the future. This innovation has brought us a step closer to more developments in the world and who knows, maybe soon we can start printing actual food! One 3D printer that has been selling a lot online is the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer. This 3D printer comes in two colors – white and black. It’s also smaller than the standard 3D printer, making it easier to transport around. It comes with a heated build plate, a micro SD card and a sample PLA filament so you can test it out before buying somemore. It is also very affordable for a 3D printer, yet still of great quality.

10. Fairy lights

[amazon_link asins=’B01COK5IFA’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c5b78395-1b97-11e8-8b6f-d3d4b8512bc4′]

Fairy lights are the new trend with millennials, making it available on almost every online store and not just in Christmas season. They add a nice touch of beauty to your home or room, giving it a very peaceful ambience. One popular product of fairy lights are the Fairy Star String Lights sold by Frux Home and Yard. Not only does it shine a nice shade of yellow, it is also 39ft long and comes along with a battery adapter. It is very flexible and is remote controlled – perfect for both outdoor and indoor display. These lights are also very affordable.

11. Bluetooth speakers

[amazon_link asins=’B06WRRJ732′ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’db25a926-1b97-11e8-800c-b5549457a4a4′]

Electronics are also found on online stores and a lot of people would purchase them. One that’s a really popular buy are Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are very handy because they don’t have wires, making them easier to carry around for your on-the-go music needs. Bluetooth speakers are also very user-friendly, making them easy to use. One Bluetooth speaker brand that is being purchased a lot is the Zhicity Portable Wireless Speaker with NFC & Fold-up Stand Function. It has a very sleek design and it can be folded to become a stand for your phone. It also very durable and has high quality sound.

12. Phone cases

[amazon_link asins=’B017JPPYXG’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e4719228-1b97-11e8-918a-af0851266092′]

Everybody needs phone cases. Phone cases are not only there to protect your phone from scratches, they also add beauty to your phone. Whether it be a basic phone case to one with a more fun design, it can be found at almost every online store. One phone case brand that is gaining popularity on online stores is OtterBox phone cases. Some of their cases may seem a little bulky, but that only means that they are thick and can properly protect your phone from danger. They are also fairly affordable and very high quality. They also come in cute various colors that you can choose from.