Top 10 Best Snowskate Board in 2018 Reviews

Are you looking for some snow skateboards to have fun with? Well if yes, then we are sure that this blog post would be coming out as much information for you. Here we would be adding on with the list of the top 10 best snow skateboards for you to review out along with their pros and cons so that you would be able to come up with the excellent selection for the Snowskate boarding fun.

1. Ambition Team 2018 Snowskate Board

On the top we have the best snow skate review is the Ambition Team 2018 Snow Skateboard that is all about measuring with the at 8.5” x 32.5”. This is a standard form of the size Snowskate and from a very awesome new and yet the upcoming company that is sure to wow this winter. Ambition Snowskate boards are handmade in the place of Quebec, Canada. They are all the more from seven-ply Canadian maple for the reason that these boards are designed to provide superior stiffness as in favor of the added friction applied to the bottom just as while going over snow.

2. FORTRUS SnowSkate Kingdom Snowskate Snowboard

The Kingdom Snowskate by Fortrus is standing at the 2nd spot of the list that is a great board for the beginning skater. This is mainly for the reason of being the popular high as in insanely awesome price. Not just because the price is marked to be drastically lower than the other models but at the same time you are not losing quality. Plus, the size of the board makes it a great tagalong item as well.

3. Fortrus Sonic Snow Skate Snowboard

Another excellent choice is namely known out to be the Fortrus Sonic Snow Skate Snowboard. It is measuring at 35″. This is a plastic polymer snow skate that makes it turn out to be lighter than wooden Snowskates and has an asymmetrical dual kick shape. This would let it not to get stuck in the snow. It has the grooves on the side of the bottom which enable the rider to have more stability on top of the Snowskate. It is also coming out with the easier sliding, and a printed grippy black rubber upper from the view of the EVA foam to avoid slipping. On the whole, we would say that the Fortrus Sonic SnowSkate board is an awesome choice as in view with the beginner in Snowskating or the one who are interested in learning more about the sport. It comes at a very reasonable price.

4. Premier Kingslayer Snowskate

The Premier Kingslayer Snowskate is turning out to be another one of the best Snowskate board made from 7ply wood construction and measuring at 37 inches. The deck of this board is measuring around 9 1//4 inches by means of the new side wall reinforcement sublimated P-tex base. It has a center channel for the sake of the solid rail performance and promises to provide endless fun over the side of the snowy obstacle you. You can even use it over your backyard or the mountain. It has been additionally set with the one-year warranty from Premier.

5. Slopedeck Snowskate (2018 Pro model)

If you are working as the rider who wants to carve tight turns in all snow conditions, then the best Snowskate board in favor of you would definitely be the Slopedeck Snowskate (2018 Pro model). Its revolutionary Morphteck base is somehow being witnessed to be a patent-pending unique spec that promises just turning out to be high in quality terms,

The board of the Snowskate is completely handmade from China. It has been put together with the leash holes on tip and tail and is a concave skate deck by means of the grippy EVA top sheet to avoid slipping. It also offers you with the closed cell dual-density foam shock absorption and also feels more like a skateboard as compare to any kind of the standard Snowskate. It is somehow high in prices but it is worth to consider for sure!

6. Coop Slick Bottom Foam 27″ Snowskate Snowboard with Black


This skate does measures approximately 27″ long x 8″ wide x 1″ thick. It offers you with the features of being slip resistant, waterproof rugged foam top deck. It has been attached to the bodyboard style slick bottom skin for super speed that makes it come about to be much smooth bottom and lightweight that makes it hence super speed and easy tricks.

7. Soul Monkey SMS 39STH High-Performance Snowskate

You can also make the choice to alternate out with the Soul Monkey SMS 39STH High-Performance Snowskate! This skateboard has been all measuring out with the approximately 27″ long x 8″ wide x 1″ thick and has the slip resistant with the feature of waterproof rugged foam top deck. It has been granted the option of being a bodyboard style slick bottom skin for super speed with the easy smooth bottom and lightweight makes for super speed.

8. Snow Skate Slick Bottom Foam Snowboards in a 6 Pack


This Snowskate board package has been added on with the six (6) each snow skate snowboards in 4 different graphic styles. On each single of the snow skate, it does measures approximately 27″ long x 8″ wide x 1″ thick. It has the additional features of being slip resistant and also being waterproof rugged foam top deck. It has been further adjusted with the bodyboard style slick bottom skin for super speed.

9. Landyachtz Sunrise Complete Snowskate 2017 New

In this snowboard board, you will be finding the top Deck Length that is about 34in and the sub Deck Length is about 41in. 7 ply Maple Top Deck is also part of it. It extra makes your offer with the SnowSkate Trucks, as well as foam Grip Tape, all along with the leash & Hardware.

10. Signal Park Snow Board

This board would hence let you carve the tight turns in all conditions. A resilient closed-cell lightweight spacer has been putting all the more into the narrower running surface one inch below the deck. This does make for very quick edging. It has been all coupled with the arced grooves this configuration that would at the end provides unsurpassed control and a surf-like feel. It is handmade in China and the cambered skateboard deck is made from Canadian Maple. Our board features out with the timeline of the concave skate deck with grip tape EVA top sheet. It is so unique looking.

Which one of them would you like to buy?