Top 10 Best Skate Decks for Street Skating in 2018 Review

As you do consider out buying with the skate decks for street skating, then choosing with the best one is hard thing to do for sure. You need to be conscious about considering so many features in mind. You should know that skateboard decks are readily accessible as in various lengths but width is generally between 7-10 inches. The size which you will be choosing also depends on what kind of surface you will be skating on. In most of the deck, you will view the radial as well. It is the most common concave. It is mentioned to be the arc of very big circle or a subtle U shape. It provides on with the excellent and better grip to your feet which is essential whether you are just riding or even performing tricks.

1. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

On the top, we have this amazing deck that is best for the overall street experience. It has been all set with the excellent pop and an even length tail and nose for the sake of switch riding. These are not just feature out to be durable but maintain pop longer than many other deck brands all along with the previous pro lite model. They are easy to use and are stated to be one of the comparable deck to others. They are composed with the slight advantage with its durability as it do make the use of the latest materials.

The weight of the deck is also quite light giving it an extra lift off the pop. It features an approximate dimension of 8 x 31.5” that is all set with the perfect size for kids and adults who are at the beginning stage of skating. It is all together in high-quality, strong, an environmentally friendly deck that is hence worth every penny.

2. Blue Tile Obsession “BTO Pool” Park Skateboard Deck

This deck has always remained to be the main attention grabber of the marketplaces. This is for the reason of its stylish animated effect being part of it. The sizing of the skateboard deck has been finished with the 31.75 x 7.87. It is best enough for both beginners and experienced skateboarders. It is definitely much inclined as in the direction of the high-end decks because of the hefty price tag. The best thing about this deck is that it is all composed of the multiple mounting holes so you can adjust the wheelbase according to your suitability. If you much fond of doing the funky things and want your skateboard as similar to it, then this is the best item product for you.

3. Blind 10011835 Party Monster Deck


You would simply be falling in love with this skateboard deck! This has been all set with the stylish designing of either love zombie movies or heavy metal music. It is all the more containing 7 layers of high-quality Canadian maple ply as for the reason that this deck is not all Goth but quality too. This board is somehow much stiff as well for the reason of being strong epoxy glue used in the construction. With pre-drilled holes, you need to make sure that you do fix trucks and wheels as in this way you can head to your nearest park.

4. Baker Brand Logo Deck-8.0


If you have been in search of something really simple, then choosing with this baker brand logo deck is the best alternative piece for you. This skateboard has been made from the Baker company that is well known in manufacturing with some of the best skating boards for the beginners. It is to be mentioned that independent trucks can go well with this deck. It is about 8-inch width and this wide deck suitable as much for the teenagers and adults. It is also not so much expensive as you can easily get it at the good value.

This deck has been featured on with the Jess up die grip tape too so you can add more support right into the skateboard. It has been set with the easy assembly and good quality as it is designed to be used by beginner and professionals both. You would be finding yourself much suitable for you.

5. The Sk8mafia House Deck



This sk8mafia house deck has been all set with the combination of the perfect balance of pop just as maintaining its hold and durability. This impact deck is one of the most durable on the list in the midst of the carbon fiber disks above the trucks. It also gives away with the full carbon top sheet giving it long lasting pop. If you are much fond of skate ante on a daily basis just as with the size of the gaps then this deck is perfect for you.

The deck has a cool color that is painted in the royal blue and this simply gives away the breeze. The skateboard is also put together with the separate grip tape which is a bonus. It is around 32-inches long and is perfect for kids to adults.

6. Element Steel Black 8.5

This deck is constructed as standing out to be much lightweight as in the middle of the feather-light construction. It is all arranged with the solid black front and an Elements logo in the center, by which it is marked to be safe to say that this deck is a statement maker. The wheelbase of the deck is around 14 inches wide that is turning out to be perfect just as according to the length which is over 32 inches. This deck too is also wide with 8.5 inches width. The major highlighting quality of this deck is that you would be finding it much cheap in the price.

You will be able to get the hold on with the decent board with good construction at a lower rate. The main purpose of this deck is quite self-explanatory by the brand name which says to enjoy. It is best to be used by the beginners.

7. NPET Skateboard Deck 8.0 Inch Blank Natural for DIY

This deck is named out to be one of the most durable on the list with carbon fiber disks above the trucks. It also all accompanied with the full carbon top sheet that is all giving it long lasting pop. If you have been in favor of the skating ante on a daily basis then you should not be missing out choosing with this deck right now. This is simply a beauty to witness it all around.

It has been all adjusted with the durable variations with the construction of the quality 7 ply Canadian maple ply with resin epoxy glue. This would make it sure enough that the layers stick together no matter how roughly it is used.

8. DGK Skateboard Deck

On the 8th spot of the list, we would be adding on with the name of DGK skateboard deck. This skateboard deck has been much showcased with the tie and dye panel and a big slanting DGK logo. It is coming across to be the combination of the quality and so as the style. It would be giving you with the best possible skateboarding experience. It is lightweight as well weighing to be around 2.7 pounds. DGK skateboard decks are somehow being pretty common and come in form of the myriads of colors and styles. This makes it trendy enough to choose.

It is safe to buy as it has been all set with the warranty from the manufacturer. You can also avail this warranty as because of the 100% maple ply construction. There is a distinct professional straight away into the designing of the decks and this one has that.

9. RESIN 7 SKATEBOARD DECKSResin 7 Skateboard Decks

The just feature that does make this skateboard to be completely different from others has been in view with the compact body which makes it easy to ride around the park, street, pool, and so on. It would be granting you with some of the best fun while the time of skating as for the reason that the deck is made of a durable material and has a glossy black finish color that makes it extra attractive looking.

This is a reliable deck that is measuring the dimension of around 8″ wide x 31.7″ long and is perfect for beginners to pro. It is all coming up with the Predrilled holes for easy setup. Plus, it is suitable for everyone from kids and teenagers to Adults.

10. MINI-LOGO SKATEBOARD DECKSkate One Mini-Logo Skateboard Deck

This is one of the best sturdy skateboard deck which you should be getting right now. This is an ultimate deck that is made in the United States with durability and design in mind. It has been all attached to the superb material and best of the designing.  For the high-quality deck and that too with durable features, choosing this skateboard deck is the perfect medium for you.