Top 10 Best Portable Digital Recorders For Interviewer

Here are the best Digital audio recorder for Students, Business professionals,Interviewer ,Reporter and … This  products you’ll see throughout our Buying Guide below.

10. Tascam DR-05 (Version 2) Portable Handheld Digital Audio Recorder


The cost of this black bundle is $109.99. This is light in weight and comes in a compact design. You can carry this set of recorders to any place you want. This bundle is perfect for musicians, teachers, journalists and even if you are a traveler. It has a quality WAV and MP3 recorder to give you the best sound in the world. it records up to 24 bit that makes 96 kHz. Also, audios could be saved in its MicroSD or in MicroSDHC cards.

9. Tascam DR-40 4-Track Handheld Digital Audio Recorder with Deluxe Accessory


The price for this complete kit is $199.00 which is way expensive yet carries everything you could spend a lot of extra money on. It is kind of a full-package kit and thus compromises your money too. it has adjustable condenser mics with a WAV/BWF and MP3 recordings. With this kit on, you can’t ever fear running out of storage or its battery. It has top-quality batteries along with a 16GB SDHC memory card. It contains all the high-quality accessories you will need in your daily routine.

8. Tascam DR-05 Stereo Portable Digital Recorder


Available only in a unique black and 3 other colors with a price of $81.72, this digital recorder is quite inexpensive but fulfills all the necessary functions. It has built-in omnidirectional microphones in it which record a high-quality sound. It has a stereo mini-headphone that provided plug-in power with an adjusting speed from 0.5 to 1.5 times. It is powered by 2AA batteries, USB power or optional adapter with a 4GB microSD card. You have a manual card available with it where you can read all the minor instructions to get it going.

7. Sony Voice Recorder ICD-PX Series with Built-in Mic and USB, MicroSD Card



The price for this one is $59.99, still a better option for many. It has a built-in flash 4GB memory. It has up to 159 hours of maximum recording time which makes its battery life up to 155 hours a day. it has USB-PC direct compatibility and Memory card expansion slots too. you can always add or overwrite functions for fast and easy editing on the go.

6. Digital Voice Recorder, TENSAFEE 16GB Activated Sound Audio Recorder Dictaphone

This voice recorder will cost you $33.99 but it comes with two ultra-sensitive microphones. It has a dynamic sound reduction quality to save a crystal-clear voice for you. The external speakers of the device play an HD sound with loud and clear music. As soon as it detects a sound, it will start recording with its feature “VOR Set.” You can also fast forward or rewind during playback. It has powerful features and wide applications.

5. TOOBOM 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder Playback


The price for this one is $32.48 that comes in only black color. It has an excellent audio quality. It is loaded with some extra features such as mini digital voice recorder, dynamic noise cancellation microphone, strong stereo reduction, high recording sensitivity, and much more. Its headphones support standard 3.5 mm head dual output can capture up to 1536 kbps of crystal-clear sound. It is definitely a perfect choice for an ideal humanized user.


4. Eztecpro 580 Hours Sound Audio Recorder Dictaphone 

The cost for this one is $33.99. A voice recorder that comes with a dual sensitive microphone and professional recording IC. It can be the right choice for focusing on high-quality sound. The capacity is more than enough for memory and battery as well. It has a built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery, can support up to 45 hours of continuous recordings, 16GB flash memory and can save 1160 recording files. What else do you want from a digital recorder?

3. RoMech 16GB Sound Audio Tape Recording Device (BLACK)

The price of this recorder is $32.97. it has a premium sound quality with more than 70db SNR. This one is promising as it guarantees a better-quality version as compared to other similar products. Its ultra-sensitive microphones make the quality of sound super cool for all its users. It has upgraded features with long battery life, brand quality commitment with a money back guarantee.

2. Digital Voice Recorder 8GB Voice Activated Recorder Dictaphone with MP3 Player

This recorder is worth $29.99 which works as a professional noise reduction device with an MP player. It has a special noise reduction chip, supports MP3, WAV, ACT recording format. With this mini recorder, you can enjoy all types of music as it has got an MP player too. its large capacity storage and long-term memory make it a preferable choice for teachers, students, office workers, traffic controllers, etc. It has a built-in 8GB memory.

1. EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback

This recorder will cost you $33.34 and is professionally upgraded. It has a new digitally designed voice recorder that captures 1536 kbps crystal-clear audio. It is WIN, MAC compatible and can set recording quality at MP3 (128kbps, 64kbps), WAV (1536 kbps), etc. It can also be transferred to PC, MAC, Linus via supplied micro USB cable. It is no less than a blessing for students, teachers, bloggers, travelers, businessmen, professors or anyone who loves to make recordings.