Bring Back The Childhood (Story Book)

Everyone has unique and different childhood stories. One childhood could contain of amazing primary school days, nightmare hallway in high school, or 4 year crush. Those make one childhood different and unique when you look back. But there is one thing about childhood that every girl and boy would have the same or similar perspectives over it. That thong couldn’t be anything else, but book story.

Story book has given every boy and girl more than imagination that they barely could do anything about it. Story book doesn’t give the readers only fun and one time thought. it also gives the feeling of true love besides the love of family, comedy that would teach every boy and girl how to have humor and make a proper joke, and the story itself that teaches the boys and girls that this world has so much more than they see now.

Talking about the story book, there are thousands of story book out there. You might have read only hundreds of them. There might be only 30 story books you still remember till now. But there are 10 outstanding story books that every boy and girl would definitely like till now.

So here is the list of 10 story books that are all time favorite story books for every boy and girl till now.

1. The little engine that could

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It’s another motivative story for the children. It would help motivate the children that no matter how small they are, they could achieve things.

2. A sick day of Amos Mcgee

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This story book is mainly about the friendship. The story would teach the children that friendship is about caring each other.

3. Little owl’s night

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This story book teaches the children about that nighttime is not that scary. What the children imagine is just their imagination

4. The Red Balloon

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It’s story about the boy and his friends in the big city like Paris.

5. Where the sidewalk ends

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It’s another great story book. It mainly teaches all children who read it about how to create the courage for themselves and how to look beyond all the fears they have created themselves.

6. The true story of 3 little pigs

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And again, one of all time favorite story book is here. The true story of 3 little bigs are translated to many languages for the children around the world. The story mainly teaches about unity and how to think logically for the children.

7. The snowy day

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This story book is one of few story books that teach all the children to always have the love for other human beings, even though they look different from us. The children would learn to see positivity in differences.

8. Where the wild things are

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This story book is about the monsters that don’t really exist. But until the kids find out those negative imaginations are not really at all, they have lessons to learn how to fight against them.

9. The tale of Peter Rabbit

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It’s another classic adorable story about tiny rabbit living life with its mother in the tiny house. Everyday Peter learns something new. And that’s how the story book teaches the kids to keep learning everyday.

10. Winnie the pooh

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The all time classic story about the innocent bear named Pooh who is the biggest fan of honey. The story is mainly about the life of Pooh in the jungle where Pooh lives his life among good friends which come in different species and shapes. The adventures of Pooh bring the courage Pooh, his friends, and the readers.

These 10 stories are about comedy, joke, love, inspiration, and so on. They are not just meant to teach the children, but whoever reads these story books.