10 Best Stylish Sunglasses for Man

The theme of 2017 is bold, fresh, and exciting. This season’s trends are opening up fascinating doors is men’s fashion, beginning with the right shades to keep you looking sharp.

Here are 10 of the most popular men’s sunglasses and how they stand out from trends of the past.

1. Flowertree Rs5141 Browline 47mm Sunglasses

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Distinct yet tasteful, the heavy browlinestyle is thicker, manlier, and have a retro vibe that calls back to the rimless look – just with some extra pizazz. These are perfect for men with shorter foreheads and higher cheekbones, enhancing the higher features while playing down the lower ones.

2. Oakley Men’s Frogskins Wayfarer Sunglasses

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Daring! This 2017 style jumped right past bold into the extreme with vibrant, almost techno shades of silver, pink, and blue. The strong shape of the lenses fit nearly any face, while the extremely bright colors add lift and make a fantastic statement. For those with darker hair, go for darker blues or thrilling reds; for lighter-haired gents, a distinct silver will enhance your features.

3. Tom Ford Men’s Elliot Sunglasses

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Now that you’ve seen the subtle, get ready for the hipster. These sunglasses flip traditional style on its head by having thick rims on the bottom half the lenses, while leaving the top half open. Excellent for men with longer faces, it creates a more compact look – with enough strangeness to earn you compliments.

4. Tom Ford 0500 05J Black Dark

[amazon_link asins=’B01M0OAV3N’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f0df9e4d-3305-11e8-b9b7-71b119cbdb1e’]

The gentleman’s answer to 2017, these sunglasses are simple enough to be deceptive – but possess versatile qualities. The not-quite horned rims add lift to the upper half of your face, while the softly rounded style balances out their bold color, making them a great fit when enjoying a summer barbeque or attending a wedding.

5. Carrera Hot Aviator Sunglasses

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The more chunky answer to Aviators, these ones are perfect for leaner faces by drawing more attention to the brow line and temples, giving a bolder edge to that signature authoritative look. The thin temples (or arms) of the glasses play down the look to keep it a balanced statement.

6. Persol PO 714 Sunglasses

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Steve McQueen’s signature style is making a comeback this season. The 714 folding design strikes out with its almost-but-not-quite style, which is gentle in shape and color, but possesses an abnormal quality in the off-round lenses and the leopard print. You’ll catch attention, but no one will be sure why – and mystery is half the fun.

7. Dior So Real SoReal A Sunglasses 59 mm

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Dior really scored a new-meets-old 2017 vibe with these ones. Almost futuristic, but with a plain industrial style, it’ll have people guessing which time you’re from. These frames work best with broader faces and short foreheads, adding height to the upper half of your face while giving a slim effect to your cheekbones.

8.Ray Ban RB3362 Cockpit Sunglasses

[amazon_link asins=’B01MA3OUHA’ template=’ProductCarouselv2′ store=’pandaa-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8f08aa38-3306-11e8-9d47-dfbdb6016eae’]

Bold enough to make an impression, yet not too sharp on the edges, Ray Ban Wayfarer Floral sunglasses – especially in jet black – are the perfect vibe for chiseled jaws. With their gentler shape, they draw the eye downwards, highlightingthat prominent feature and enhancing it. Which is something to be careful of if you’re on the lean side; they may make you look willowy.

9. Freckles Mark Vintage Retro Oversized Metal Mirror Men

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The Top Gun look never really left, but is coming back with force this season. Despite being so large, Aviators slim the face while adding an authoritative air that’ll be sure to catch attention. If you have a rounder face or a square jaw, they’re excellent for balancing out your features more sharply.

10. Vivian & Vincent Vintage Hippie Retro Metal Round Circle

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Edgy in the 70s, this style is making a comeback for 2017. They’re particularly stylish on men with leaner, narrower faces, since the abnormal frames draw attention to the eyes while rounding off your cheekbones. They scream “hipster,” delivering an unusual but attention-grabbing vibe to your ensemble