10 Amazing apple watch charging stands 2018

Apple continues to ascend the scales of glory in the technology world recording a global brand value of $227 billion in 2016. This has however come as a result of the company’s priceless efforts to revolutionize the tech industry. Apple has redefined technological gadgets by all aspects, ranging from the enabled face ID recognition feature in smart phones to the single most powerful chip witnessed in smart phones’ history and now to the advanced wireless charging for Apple gadgets.If this is not revolution, then what is?

If this is not revolution, then what is?

Following the efforts of the tech giant, manufacturers have come up with products like wireless charging stands for Apple watches to ensure beloved consumers of the brand’s products enjoy their use at the best.

Let us take an insight on some Apple charging stands you might want to settle for. Shall we?

1. BEACOO Charging stand and dock


BEACOO Charging stand and dock

Some of the Apple watch chargers are capable of supporting your phones and tablets charging. You should also know there are watch chargers and watch stands. Identify the features you want before shopping.

2. Apple Watch Series 3 Stand

Apple Watch Series 3 Stand

OITTM Apple watch stand and charger boasts of a smart IQ charging technology that automatically detects; your device, overheating, over current and short circuit.

The Apple watch charger is modeled in elegant style. It enables speed charging and takes care of all stability features,

3. Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand

Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand

Made up of durable scratch free, TPU material guaranteeing durability, the size is compact for mobilitt purposes

It houses an open dock structure and is compatible for all series 1 and 2 Apple watches that includes both 42 and 38 mm

4. Simpeak 4 Port USB Charger Stand


Simpeak 4 Port USB Charger Stand

Features; an Apple watch stand night mode enabled and a phone holder charger stand for iphone5, 6 and 7 also compatible to some smart phones.

Guarantees over current protection, overheat protection and protection from short circuits as it comes across as a multiple circuit.

All 4 ports are fast charging enabled, compatible to multiple watch series.

5. Orzly Compact Stand for Apple Watch


Orzly Compact Stand for Apple Watch

A compact, well designed stand capable of supporting the nightstand mode for Apple watch OS2

Crafted out of durable TPU material, easy to dock and charge and is compatible to 38 and 42 mm versions of basic, sport, edition models, all series 1 and latest series 2 watches.

The stand accommodates your magnetic grommet charger making it ideal.

6. EAS IPhone Charging Stand


EAS IPhone Charging Stand

Natural wood 100% handcrafted, yeah right no glue or additives!

Supports; 4 USB ports 500mA, current protection, transfer rates as high as 12mbps and as low as 1.5 mbps. Compatible for all watches and phones and keeps all cable entanglements on the low.

Compatibility, beautiful appearance, perfect organization and durability all for you in one stand!

7. Bamboo Wood Charging Stand


Bamboo Wood Charging Stand

A sleek, bamboo designed, angle polished, compact and light weight universal Apple products charger.

Features; 3 USB ports capable of charging your Apple watch, iPhone and tablet at the same time, soft rubber fittings for scratch protection among other features. Compatible for all watch series

Did I mention it is ecological, that adds a natural elegance touch to your room!

8. MERCASE Apple Watch Stand


MERCASE Apple Watch Stand

Boasting of a strong aluminum body, rubber fitted feet, a TPU body to support your Apple watch as well as rubber pads to provide grip on your phone.Charging performance, stability and no scratch are well taken care of. The stand is compatible to Apple watch series 2 and 1, both 38 and 42 mm.

9. ZVE Universal 2 in 1 Charging stand


ZVE Universal 2 in 1 Charging stand

The charging stand has a flashy design if appearance is in your taste of choice.

It allows you to charge your phone and Apple watch simultaneously. Durability of the charging stand is guaranteed by the use of aluminum in its design. The ZVE stand is fitted with rubber pads to prevent scratch on your watch or phone. It also comes across as compatible to all Apple watch editions iPhone and a couple of smart phones.

10. ARCHEER 4 in 1 Apple Watch Stand iPhone Charging Dock


ARCHEER 4 in 1 Apple Watch Stand iPhone Charging Dock

The 4 in 1 watch stand is well designed to take care of your Apple products kit charging needs. Featuring; a power adapter, Apple watch and iphone charging docks as well as a user manual, the stand is capable of; charging up to four devices concurrently, charging your Apple watch series 2, edition 38/ 42mm and sport.

Also boasts of; an attractive mobile design fitting in limited spaces and a magnetic Apple watch charger.

Some of the Apple watch chargers are capable of supporting your phones and tablets charging. You should also know there are watch chargers and watch stands. Identify the features you want before shopping.