10 Accessories mush have for iphone 7 and 7plus

Apple Inc. has, without a doubt, been on the front line when it comes to innovation in technology. The devices and services they have come up with in the past couple of years have been nothing short of extra-ordinary. In 2016, they released the iPhone 7. There were a lot of things they said it would do and when it dropped, all rumours were confirmed. For the first time we saw a smart phone with full music capabilities and no ear phone jack, he made is waterproof and when we talk about the camera, It could do all sorts of neat tricks. Having an iPhone is a delight but to get the most from it, like all great devices, you must get the accessories needed. He iPhone has a lot of cool accessories from earphones, to powerbanks, all the way to cables, Screen Protector, and Jack Adapters. So let’s look at a few must have accessories for your iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

1. Belkin ScreenForce Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7

Belkin has been in the business of giving us awesome accessories for iPhone and other gadgets for years now and this is no exception. This screen protector features anti-fingerprint design which means you don’t have to worry about smudges. Not forgetting the top notch protection given to the phone screen.

2. AUKEY Ora iPhone Camera Lens, 0.55x 120° Wide Angle

The iPhone camera is good – There is no debate in that. However you can take it further with this attachable lens which can let you zoom in up to 10X for close ups.

3. Speck Products Presidio Clear Cell Phone Case for iPhone 7

This case for iPhone 7 is really simple in design and looking at it, there may not be much to say. But when it comes to protection, it can handle up to an 8-foot drop.

4. Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

This is a good option for music listening and phone calls. For those who do not want an over-the-head headset, this skullcandy earpiece proves to be a very nice accessory.

5. iPhone 6 Case 4.7 Inch Armorbox

It is called an armorbox for a reason. This sturdy, rugged case features shock absorption, impact protection, and basically put, everything needed to save you tears in the event your phone hits the ground.

6. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

A beautiful way to enjoy sounds from an iPhone 7, this Bose earpiece is a cool accessory as it comes packed with features including noise cancellation.

7. iOttie Easy One Touch 3

So as we all know, it is unsafe to hold a phone to our ear while driving. So this product is perfect for your iPhone 7 while driving.

8. AUKEY 20000mAh Portable Charger with Lightning and Micro-USB Input

Apple batteries have always been strong so when this powerbank from AUKEY promises a 4-5 time full charge for iPhone 7, you know it is something worth having.

9. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable 2

If you have an iPhone 7 or are considering buying one, you should know that having an extra charging and sync cable is essential. This product, certified by Apple, supplies the needed current o your iPhone 7 or 7 plus and it is an awesome accessory.

10. Tile Slim – Phone Finder

They don’t come any more functional than this. This small gadget, which is only as thin as two credit cards, has he ability to help you locate your missing iPhone. By pressing its button twice, you can make our phone ring out even if it is on silent. This is a must have for your iPhone 7.